Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse was looking to reposition their once siloed business into a unified bank. We repositioned the bank by refreshing the brand with the attributes of Intimate, Attentive, Inventive and Swiss. The system uses an extended color palette unique in the financial world, swiss style typography that references the banks heritage and graphic whimsical imagery. 

Client: Credit Suisse
Agency: Carbone Smolan Agency
Role: Senior Designer


Custom Photography
We created a custom photoshoot in Zurich for premium photography featuring whimsical photographs of Credit Suisse customers. We also created a library of imagery for Credit Suisse that featured the brand color palette with graphic compositions.

Vector Smart Object copy@2xVector Smart Object copy@2x

Retail Collateral
We created a system for print communications in Credit Suisse’s retail banks in Switzerland. The system features covers for brochures and sub brochures, templates for brochure interiors as well as factsheets and flyers.

CS_Brochure_Covers_1 copy@2xCS_Brochure_Covers_1 copy@2x
CS_Cover_Spread_1 copy@2xCS_Cover_Spread_1 copy@2x
CS_Spread_2 copy@2xCS_Spread_2 copy@2x

Brand Activation
The system was then extended to employer brand communications, events, publications, clubs & groups and a variety of other programs.

CS_Posters_2 copy@2xCS_Posters_2 copy@2x
CS_Megatrends_1 copy@2xCS_Megatrends_1 copy@2x
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